Leimonu – Ancient Tiki God of Ecstasy, Music and Fire

Leimonu in Hawaiian means Lemon. He is the sunshine.


Leimonu is said to be the brother of Lono, the Ancient Tiki God of Fertility and Peace, and one of the four original Tiki Gods. Lono descended to Earth on a rainbow to marry Laka. Leimonu descended to Earth after Lono by means of a sunbeam to bring passion and joy to Lono and Laka’s marriage. He honored them by creating Maile Leis for their union and bringing passion to their marriage.

Early Polynesians called him Iohuni. They honored him by creating Leis (taken from his name), mostly consisting of lemon peels, maile, and sometimes bones and teeth. The Maile lei was known as the lei of royalty. Hawaiian priests (Kahunas) used them to bind together a bride and groom in honor of Leimonu.


Still an island tradition, visitors and couples easily bring back the nostalgia of old Hawaii by receiving a flowered lei and a warm “Aloha” greeting on their arrival to the islands. 

At sunset, couples watch the sun as it sets into the horizon to get the last of Leimonu’s powers of ecstasy and passion. Islanders light tiki torches to keep Leimonu’s fire of passion burning and sing songs on their ukuleles to honor tradition.

At sunrise, Leimonu ascends and brings warmth to islanders and visitors throughout the day.

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